Six Fun Things to do on Your Next Visit to Cape Coral

The next time you visit Cape Coral make sure that you check out a few of these great attractions. There are too many great choices to fit into one trip, so you may find you either have to make some hard choices, or plan a return visit!

The Edison & Ford Winter Estates

Two of the best-known inventors are Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. For a great experience and the chance to walk away inspired, why not visit the winter estates where you will find twenty acres of botanical gardens, historical buildings, including botanical Laboratory of Edison, Edison Ford Museum and the special exhibition galleries. There is something here for everyone.

Southwest Florida Military Museum & Library

Cape Coral is home to a wonderful military museum that is run by volunteers. This unassuming museum is housed in what used to be a supermarket. Its humble exterior contains an inspiring range of exhibits that will give you a new appreciation for the service our military personnel do for the country.

Cape Coral Farmer’s Market

You may think you know what a good farmer’s market looks like but after a visit to cape coral’s you are going to have to raise your expectations. There are a range of stalls selling, fresh fruit and veg, sea food, and baked goods, even things like jewelry and knickknacks. There are food stalls where you can get some great meals, and there is even music to keep you entertained.

Fort Myer’s River District

Always worth a visit, the river district really comes into its own on a Friday evening. The area is blocked off to cars, making it a pedestrian only area. The whole area is turned into a street festival, with food, drink and music. During the day the shopping is great and there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat.

IMAG History and Science Centre

This great attraction is a fantastic place for a family to while away a day. There are over 60 hands on exhibits to keep everyone entertained. For animal lovers there are bearded dragons, prairie dogs, and turtles to look at, you can even feed the stingrays in the tanks. With a huge aquarium and then historical exhibits that span from the Ice age to the early 19th Century you are not going to be bored. You can even visit the original ‘Fort Myers’ in a 3D VR experience.

Lovegrove Gallery and Gardens

This is possible the most colorful place in the whole of Florida. The gardens and gallery display the art of LemoaLovegrove who is known for her bright and vibrant works of art. You can help but have a smile on your face as you explore the exuberant art and the beautiful gardens. If you fall head over heels with the art then you have a selection of options to take home your own print, big or small whatever your heart desires.